First results of our survey on the demand for coworking in Brandenburg

In the beginning of March we hosted a workshop on coworking at the “Schaufenster” in Potsdam, which triggered a lot of intense discussions on which we will keep you posted as soon as we know more.

To follow the subject and to find out about the need for coworking also in other regions of Brandenburg, we have designed a survey with 10 questions, which is still open for participation (see post from March, 15th).

Up to today, 57 participants have answered the questions. The answers have been compiled in a document (in German language) that you can access and download here: Causse (2013) Bedarfsanalyse_Coworking im Land Brandenburg_Stand24.04.2013

We will constantly be updating the results over the course of the project and try to keep you informed about all developments in this matter and are also always open to feedback and suggestions!

Expert round table n°1 – On Digitization in the cultural and creative industries

In two days C2C will host its first expert round table (n° 1 out of 4) in Malmö, Sweden, on “Digitization in the culture and creative industries”. With our expert participants from all four involved regions – Sweden, Denmark, Italy and Germany – we will be discussing a report on the matter compiled by our Swedish partners from tillväxtverket and broaden its scope by adding the different regional perspectives, by presenting examples and by assessing the topic’s relevance for each region, it’s challenges and potential.

We look forward to a vivid and inspiring exchange and hope that we will be able to identify a lot of fields of action to be worked on. More information on what we discussed will be published here right after the meeting.

For those of you who would like to know more about digitization in the culture and creative industries, we have compiled a little background information reading list (in English):

  1. “Digitization for Economic Growth and Job Creation: Regional and Industry Perspectives”, published April 10, 2013
  2. Booz 2012 Industry Digitization Index, published March 20, 2013
  3. Booz report on “The Digital Future of Creative Europe: The Economic Impact of Digitization and the Internet on the Creative Sector in Europe”, published March 24, 2013 
  4. Digitisation in the German Broadcasting Market, report 2012 “About Power and Control in the Digital Age”
  5. IFPI Digital Music Report 2013, published February 26, 2013 

And if you prefer something more visual – here are two videos on the topic:

  1. Cinema dell’Arte” a Danish project combining theater performance and digital interaction,
  2. PressPausePlay“, a documentary film by the swedish House of Radon containing interviews with some of the world’s most influential creators of the digital era.


C2C in search for illustrators

Hello there,

we are looking for illustrators for our workshops, the barcamp in June and our final conference in Brandenburg. You should be able to visualize statements, the course of discussions and thus to summarize the results of our workshops around creative industries topics. If you are interested, please contact our project manager Noémie Causse  with a short overview over your portfolio and you experiences with illustrating events: