The C2C-Barcamp took place on Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th of September 2013.

For results of the Barcamp see our documentation.

What are the most effective incubator and business support models for creative endeavors?  How do we find, motivate and nourish promising talent on their way to a successful creative enterprise? Where exactly are the sweet points for creative ideas, business acumen, location and access to knowledge, finance or markets to be interlinked? 
These are some of the questions that have been tackled through the initial research and analysis phases of our transnational project Creative Capital Conference. To now open up the discussion and share our findings with the wider creative industries’ community, we will be hosting a Barcamp in the romantic town of Brandenburg/Havel about one hour train ride from Berlin on the 7th and 8th of September 2013.
After an initial presentation of the many leads towards more innovative and state-of-the-art instruments to better support the dynamics of creative professionals and businesses we have found, we suggest to start a shared conversation with all Barcamp participants around the following topics:
  1. Further development of incubators for both creative and other businesses: How does the new generation of incubators look like? Should creative industries companies stay among themselves or should they be placed among companies from other business sectors? Which specific needs in terms of space, equipment and consulting should be addressed?
  2. New approaches to coaching: what are the best methods for each entrepreneurial stage (experimental, pre-start up, start up, growth phase, etc.)?
  3. Trend “fishing for talents”: how to detect talents, future idea shapers and promising entrepreneurs?
  4. Development of advisory skills: How to train good advisors? How can today’s creative entrepreneurs be developed into being tomorrow’s business angels and advisors?
  5. “Holistic” professionalization (“know-alls vs. nerds”): is it sufficient to train creative entrepreneurs in business skills? Which other qualifications do they need to develop themselves and their business further?
  6. Interdisciplinary working groups during higher education: are they a preliminary stage for the formation of companies and if so: how can they be promoted?
  7. Spaces for creative entrepreneurs in less urban structures: How can coworking be shaped in smaller cities? How does it differ from spaces in more urban environments? Which specific obstacles have to be tackled?
  8. Smart investment: How can investors be better investors for the creative industries? What knowledge do they need to understand the unusual business models and practices? How can they be enabled to formulate a realistic risk assessment?
  9. Artistic interventions: Which models for involving creative entrepreneurs and artists into companies have proven successful? For which kind of innovations are these kind of interventions most suitable? How can companies in non-urban areas be encouraged to engage in artistic interventions?
  10. Radical innovations: how can companies reach beyond incremental innovations? What are the structural and internal preconditions for radical innovations and how can creative industries contribute to their development and implementation?

Please note, that this list is by no means meant to be exhaustive. We are inviting you because we know you are an expert and experienced professional in the field and explicitly ask for your suggestions and contributions.

We will provide many – hopefully new – insights BUT a Barcamp is only as good as the open discussion among experts it facilitates.

Please let us know whether you wish to participate in the Barcamp and the BBQ on Friday. By sending back the C2C-Barcamp Questionnaire before end of August (to Noémie Causse: you can make sure that we all will fit on the atmospheric terrace of the University of Applied Sciences Brandenburg overlooking the campus and – more importantly – that there is enough food for all. Please be aware that due to many autumn conferences and events in town, the number of hotel rooms is limited. We’d kindly advise you to book a room early.

Please also note that we will be recording the whole conference for internal use and documentation purposes only. No part of the audio recording will be published. However, we will include a transcript of selected parts of the discussion in our final report and will make available a comprehensive summary of the Barcamp to all participants.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you all in Brandenburg in September to discover new connections, discuss future trends for the creative industries and to share and exchange knowledge!

With kind regards
the C2C team

For all useful information on venue, travel and stay, you can download the C2C-Barcamp infopack and the invitation (in English and in German) here.

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The programme as of today:

Saturday, 7th of September / Barcamp Day 1
9:00 Get-in with Coffee & Croissants
9:30 Welcome speech: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wieneke-Toutaoui (President of Fachhochschule Brandenburg) and Prof. Dr. Friedrich Holl (Project leader)
10:00 Orga Session / Defining of schedule, followed by a short break and division into groups
11:30 Session 1
13:30 Lunch break
14:30 Session 2
16:30 Coffee Break
17:00 Session 3
19:00 Evaluation Day 1
20:00 End and Dinner

Sunday, 8th of September / Barcamp Day 2
9:00 Get-in with Coffee & Croissants
9:30 Orga Session / Defining the schedule
10:30 Session1
12:30 Session 2
14:30 Summary & Sandwiches
15:30 End

A list of participants will be published here soon, along with other news, so check this page regularly. Looking forward to welcoming you in Brandenburg soon to discover new connections, discuss future trends for the creative industries and to share and exchange knowledge!

For questions and suggestions, please contact us!
Contact: Noémie Causse (project manager),, +49/176-31642287


On the format Barcamp:
A barcamp is an open conference format minus the typical hierarchies, dividing the participants into passive audience and active speakers. Instead, each participant is invited to contribute to the barcamp in the form of a session on a specific topic that he/she proposes.

Each attendant is asked beforehand to think of and prepare a topic that he/she is a specialist in. C2C will collect these topics, taking care of putting together a balanced and interesting mix, on the basis of which the daily schedule will be designed anew each morning by the participants and the moderating team. In this manner, there will be around 4 times 3 to 5 parallel sessions of approximately one to two hours each taking place at the same time, each one dealing with a different topic.

This method guarantees a much more active participation and animated exchange between the participants than it is the case with traditional conferences.