Creative Sprint

A Booksprint is a collaborative way of writing a book. Originally developed within the software community, the format was adopted to the project context of C2C.We invited five authors with different backgrounds from Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Germany to contribute with their knowledge on and experience with different dimensions of creative industries support. They wrote their chapters over the course of seven weeks, during which time they were engaged in continuous dialogue:

Prof. Dr. Carsten Becker discusses the dual role of creative industries as both innovator as well as innovation driver for other sectors of the economy.

Emma Estborn develops a plea for more collaboration across all fields, disciplines and countries and demonstrates how we can use digital media to exploit our collaborative potential for innovation.

Steinar Valade-Amland analyzes the evolution of design as a a smart way of solving problems and identifies several measures to improve the design support system.

Giorgia Boldrini highlights the changing role of cultural and creative professionals and the resulting need to introduce innovations in the public support system.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Carsten Busch leads us into the world of gamification and explores the origins and potentials of this research and future business fields.

The publication “CREATIVE SPRINT. A COLLABORATIVE VIEW ON CHALLENGES AND OPPORTUNITIES IN THE CREATIVE SECTOR ” can be downloaded here in its original English version.

Or here in its German version.