Let the games begin: the first “real” interview and research trip to Sweden!

Malmö Harbour

Only two weeks after the very successful pre-test (which had proved to be much more than just a test) we packed our bags to fly back to Sweden for the „real thing“ – the first real interviews. In the meantime we had used our insights from the pre-test to re-work our interview guidelines and scheduled an ambitious timetable with nine meetings.

On the first day we met Louise Månsson from Soft Landing Sweden in Malmö, then crossed the Öresund Bridge to Denmark, where we met with Daniel Hjorth, professor at CBS – Copenhagen Business School, who is doing the evaluation of the Creative Plot incubator in Lund, before dropping in at our Danish project partners’ Jakob and Robert from Refleks, who tried to help us get an overview of the Danish situation, we needed for our next research trip to Copenhagen two weeks later.

Refleks in Copenhagen – supergeil!

Refleks in Copenhagen – supergeil!

Back in Sweden, we met with Annette Brejner from the Film Financing Forum for kids’ content, with Sofie Karlsborn from THINK in Helsingborg, Robert Karlsson from Kulturkraft Syd, Karin Johansson-Mex from MEDEA, the Malmö Högskola’s innovation lab, with Emma Estborn, portfolio manager at Media Evolution, the cluster organisation for the Moving Media and on our last day with Jane Nilsson and Kamilla Rydahl from the Region Skåne in their fancy new building out in the Western Harbour district. Again, we would very much like to thank you all for your time, the insights shared and the inspiration you gave us!

Read more about the interviewed projects and the results in the upcoming posts!

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