Pre-test in a nutshell

Nothing is as reassuring – or mind-sobering – as a reality-check. This is what we experienced during a first 3-day-stay in Sweden when we conducted a pre-test to validate our interview guidelines. We met the first of hopefully many exciting programs that have developed innovative approaches to support the creative industries in the region. We are grateful to our interview partners from MincThe creative plotThe Nordic Game ProgramBoost Hbg and stpln for their openness and the interesting insights they were willing to share with us:
Tack så mycket till Finnur Sverisson, Debora Voges, Eric Robertson, Anna Ljungmark och Oyuki Matsumoto!

(For more information about our interview partners, please check out the soon to be published articles).

Here are our findings in a nutshell:

  1. The most „avantgarde“ instruments have overcome the distinction between creative industries and other sectors of the economy. They think in terms of content. The future is in the in-between and the cross-sectoral.
  2. Malmö has developed different contact points depending on the „maturity“ of ideas (STPLN – MINC – Selfmade).
  3. There is a tendency away from tailoring programs to certain groups. Instead, the content counts. Who wants to pionieer has to overcome sectoral thinking, no matter if within or beyond creative industries.
  4. Enabling collaboration between different actors and sectors in a structured way is key.
  5. Don’t set goals that are too narrowly defined but leave room for results that are not predefined.
  6. A lot of „micro-promotion“ instead of few big prestigious projects.
  7. No restriction with respect to cooperation partners – from public administration to universities, companies or even schools.
  8. Chance lies in bringing different social and professional groups together to work on a common project.
  9. Overcoming of rivalry between different departments is necessary.
  10. Programs focus on a learning at eye-level, don’t want to be „nannies“ or schools.
And some visual impressions:


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