Research in Sweden, Trip 1, Day 1: Soft Landing Sweden

After arriving in Malmö, we had some time to acclimate ourselves as our first scheduled meeting had to be postponed due to the typical November flue wave. Fresh and well-prepared we then later set off to the already familiar Western harbour district to meet with Louise Månsson, project manager of Soft Landing Sweden, a business relocation support concept that is already established in the UK (London), USA, Mexico and Korea but is, up to today, the only one-stop-agency of its kind in Sweden. Its target group are (mostly) international and national media companies companies with an interest in Skåne as their business location. It started in 2011 out of the realization that the existing support system for such businesses was not sufficient, suceeding at attracting companies and creating and interest but not helping with the day-to-day business challenges in a foreign market environment … 

Inside Media Evolution City: the red room

Inside Media Evolution City: the red room

Louise, who we met for the interview in the red room at Malmö’s Media Evolution City, knows what she is talking about as she came to Sweden 15 years ago and experienced many difficulties when trying to establish a business on her own. Today, she runs the program as project manager and active part of the Media Evolution team.

Soft Landing Sweden consists of 4 sub-programs: the Visting program – aiming at companies that are interested in business opportunities in the Nordic countries but not necessarily focussed on relocating; the Profiled matchmaking – for companies that do not actually want to move their company to Skåne, but are interested in entering the market; the Discover Sweden program – especially designed for companies who want to try/test the Swedish market; and Start-Up Sweden – for companies that actually want to establish a physical presence in Skåne.

Besides this core business, Soft Landing Sweden is also building up a collaboration network with the chambers of commerce and the regional clusters. Louise points out that in her view, the future of Skåne lies in the cooperation: she advocates for the region’s cities to specialize more and build up a clear profile and at the same time join forces, in order to attract companies. We are curious to see what Soft Landing Sweden can achieve and wish them the best of luck!

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