Overview: C2C interviews in Skåne, Copenhagen and Northern Italy

In the course of our final conference, we presented some of the most interesting examples  of our research. We had identified more than 100 projects and programmes out of which we selcted 40 for in-depth interviews. Altogether, we conducted almsot 40 interviews in three European regions:  Skåne in Sweden, Copenhagen capital region and Northern Italy (Piemont, Lombardy, Alto-Adige and Emilia-Romagna to be precise). The scope of the projects and initiatives was consciously very broad and ranges from urban developments projects to coworking. The results of the interviews were not only reflected in the regional workshops in Brandenburg and in the course of advisory board sessions, but also in the course of our Barcamp and the mini-studies our transnational partners conducted for us.

C2C Interviews. Overview



Type(s) of support Country and region City Website
After Warhol Events and Workshops, networking Sweden, Skåne Helsingborg https://www.facebook.com/AfterWarhol
ArtLab Professionalization, seminars, network, workshops Denmark Copenhagen www.artlab.dk
Art Rebels Network, Distribution Agency Denmark Copenhagen http://artrebels.com/
Audience Development Marketing, stakeholder involvement Italy, Alto Adige Bozen http://www.provincia.bz.it/cultura/index_i.asp
Boost Cross Media Talent Project grants, consulting, coaching, professionalization, education and training, support of young talent
Infrastructure / work space
Sweden, Skåne Helsingborg www.boosthbg.se
CAKI incubator for the arts education: mentoring, counselling and financial support to students and teachers from member institutions Denmark, Copenhagen Copenhagen www.caki.dk
CIEL Program of 3 universities in Copenhagen, trying to connect university and industry (no CCI) Denmark Copenhagen http://ciel-lab.dk
Cre-attivi Grant Italy Monza, Brianza www.cko.dk
Creative Industries Task Force Active talent spotting, counseling, marketing, public procurement Denmark, Copenhagen Copenhagen  
Creative Plot Incubator, consulting, networking Sweden, Skåne Lund http://thecreativeplot.se
Den sociale kapital fond venture capital Denmark, Copenhagen Copenhagen www.densocialekapitalfond.dk
Financing Forum for Kids content Financing, network, professionalization Sweden, Skåne Malmö http://www.thefinancingforum.com/
Fondazione Fitzcarraldo independent, private, non-profit centre for planning, research, training and documentation on cultural, arts and media management, economics and policies Italy Turin http://www.fitzcarraldo.it/en/
Green Room Incubator: consulting, networking, infrastructure Sweden, Skåne Trelleborg http://www.trelleborg.se/sv/foretagare/foretag-stod-och-radgivning/-green-room/
Incredibol Competition, Grants, coaching, provision of spaces Italy Bologna http://www.incredibol.net
IZMO Urban development, Summer schools, training Italy Turin http://izmo.it
Kaospilots Education: School of Leadership and Social Entrepreneurship Denmark Aarhus www.kaospilots.dk
KELA urban development, networking, spaces, skill development Sweden, Skåne Landskrona http://kelandskrona.wordpress.com
KPH Coworking Space, consulting, networking Denmark Copenhagen http://kph-projects.dk
Kreanord inter-regional cooperation, Information, policy development All nordic countries   www.kreanord.org
Kulturkraft Syd Professionalization through workshops and seminars Sweden, Skåne Malmö www.kulturkraftsyd.se
Leo Hub Incubator, training, place-making Italy Vigevano http://leohub.technonews.it
MEDEA Prototyping and research laboratory Sweden, Skåne Malmö http://medea.mah.se
Media Evolution and Media Evolution City Media cluster, coworking space, creative business center, network Sweden, Skåne Malmö www.mediaevolution.se www.mediaevolutioncity.se
Minc Incubator, consulting, network Sweden, Skåne Malmö www.minc.se
Nordic Game Program Interest group for digital games industry in the nordic countries. Project grants, funds, networking, representation Sweden, Skåne Malmö http://www.nordicgameprogram.org
Nordic Game Program Interest group for digital games industry in the nordic countries. Project grants, funds, networking, representation Sweden, Skåne Malmö http://www.nordicgameprogram.org
Republikken Coworking Space, consulting, networking, workshops, professionalization Denmark, Copenhagen Copenhagen www.republikken.net
Selfmade Consulting, coaching Sweden, Skåne Landskrona http://selfmade.nu/
SpeedMiUp Incubator Italy, Lombardy Milan http://www.speedmiup.it
Spinner Financial support – scholarships and economic aids, technical assistance and tutoring, training Emilia-Romagna, Italy Bologna www.spinner.it
STPLN Space, consulting, coworking, grants for events Sweden, Skåne Malmö www.stpln.se
The Impact Hub Coworking, network, consulting Italy Rovereto http://rovereto.impacthub.net
THINK Incubator Sweden, Skåne Helsingborg http://thinkinkubator.se
Trentino Creativo Competition, matching Italy Trento http://www.trentinosviluppo.it/Contenuti-istituzionali/Progetti/Trentino-Creativo
Urbe Street Art Festival, urban development projects involving arts and creativity Italy Turin https://www.facebook.com/pages/URBE-Rigenerazione-Urbana/238344749552909